Shawn Hopkins

Founder & CEO

Shawn Hopkins is a multi-disciplinarian gung-ho on building a creative epicenter of talented and diverse professionals looking to build and provide support to entrepreneurs and businesses around the world.

Coming from an entrepreneurial background as a digital content marketing specialist, Shawn currently leads the team of artists, designers and business developers as CEO & Founder of Humanatronix. From conceptualization to launch, he's involved in every step of a project to ensure creative vision and execution is in alignment with clients' goals and their customers' needs.

Shawn has worked on business development projects across multiple industries, and has helped entrepreneurs find their footing every time. Through business planning & executing, to developing long-term success plans and launching effective marketing campaigns across every medium, he's the most experienced of the startup cycle on the team.

Shawn has spearheaded the launch of the Future Lens Podcast, as well as authored the Brand Identity Development Course, which aims to provide the essential framework for startups to find their voices.

Articles From Shawn

Everything You Need to Launch a Business When Money is Tight

A comprehensive list of tools, resources, research, and ideas you can use to kick-start your entrepreneurial initiatives and launch a small business quickly, on a tight budget.

Resources From Shawn

Jump straight in to developing your business brand identity by using this Business Branding Workbook.