Gordon Stencell

Executive Producer

Take an organization with a strategic plan, give those employees access to Gordon Stencell’s short-term solution-focused coaching and the result will be improved performance and greater production capacity. The extra dimension to Gordon’s career expertise is he is adept at coaching others to be successful disruptors and bring about transformation.

Gordon’s capabilities are enriched through his decades of experience through executive career coaching. Serving approximately 8000 clients across nearly every industry imaginable, ranging from Student’s to CEO’s, even including olympic athletes and professional artists.

He went on to share his knowledge and expertise as a professor in career success in a school of business, all the while conceptualising and developing career related software solutions to allow students and business professionals accelerate their own success.

Recognizing that the careerscape is a critical piece of everyone’s l success, Gordon does the research and thinking necessary to ensure no one gets left behind. 

The Future Lens Podcast series is a venue for Gordon to express his thoughts and observations in service of those seeking to understand our evolving world.

Articles From Gordon

Has The Proud Canadian-American Tradition of Fighting Common Enemies Died?

Are a couple of sunny days in Spring to gather in parks and on beaches worth the Covid-19 spike that will require families to celebrate weddings and funerals together in groups of five or less?

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