The Future Lens podcast is Humanatronix Media's premier project to kick off the creation of the company. The founding members worked together to develop and launch an entirely new show to celebrate the opportunity to work together.

This show has two episode categories, a primary weekly talk show in which the hosts dive deep into various topics that touch on technology and it's impact on society, as well as a weekly news show.

Humanatronix Media was founded on the idea that next generation media production and extremely high quality content marketing would be at the heart of the services offered by the company. In order to train the team and to prove our capabilities, we launched and internal podcast with the highest production value possible with just a 3 man team. Two hosts and a single producer. If you're looking for reasons to work with Humanatronix, just know that a single person on our team is capable of researching, writting, producing, editing, and marketing an entire audio show to thousands of listenners and build it all in under 3 months.

Our Work