Latest Episodes

Immersive Entertainment to Cure our Blockbuster Blues

Immersive entertainment, artificial intelligence, industry milestones, and how the movie industry is innovating for the future.

The Age of Supersonic is Back, Nasa Moonwalking Spacesuits, & Self-Healing Glass.

Let's dive into supersonic technology, modular spacesuits for future Lunar and Mars missions, vertical farms run by robots, and Apple's new self-healing glass on foldable phones.

Looking Into Our Past Using Technology Of The Future

The future of archaeology and how we’ve changed the way we discover the secrets of the past, how we preserve them, and how we share them.

Bottled Water From Desert Air, Human Population Peaking & Clever Robots

We take a look at the population numbers of the human race, using solar power to create water in deserts, and some cool robots.

Water as a Resource, Human Right, and its Insecurity

California is struggling to find available sources of water it could use to fight fires, while some organizations are fighting to remove wat

The Great Firewall of Censorship, Big Tech & Business vs. Civil Rights

Big tech companies and their participation, both good and bad, in the fight for civil rights, China's firewall around Hong Kong and a new precedent for Religious authority in the USA.