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Future Materials - Optical Ceramics, Self-Healing Concrete, Graphene & More

Technologies that support designers, architects, and builders to create innovative and more sustainable structures.

Enter Virtual Reality Through Airborne Exosuits, Soft Robots to Explore the Universe and Catching 3 Million Kg Rockets.

Virtual Reality Exosuits from Holotron, Soft Robotics, and catching SpaceX rockets as they fall out of the sky.

Resurrection Biology & Species Revivalism

What is humanity’s impact on the planet and how consciously and inadvertently have we caused the demise of many species?

Dropping into the World of Sci-Fi with Time Crystals, Tree Resin DNA Extraction and Minimalls in our Pockets.

In this week’s episode of Future Lens Today, we talk about how scientists are taking the first steps towards creating a real Jurassic Park, the existence, and interaction of what Scientists call Time Crystals, as well as some major technical changes to Youtube and Instagram, as platforms begin to introduce new ways to eat away at our savings accounts.

The Global Need For Multi-Pronged Sterilization and Disinfection Protocols

We are entering a world in which we will need to become better at fighting what we can't see.

The Age of Supersonic is Back, Nasa Moonwalking Spacesuits, & Self-Healing Glass.

Let's dive into supersonic technology, modular spacesuits for future Lunar and Mars missions, vertical farms run by robots, and Apple's new self-healing glass on foldable phones.