Immersive Entertainment to Cure our Blockbuster Blues

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In this episode our hosts Gordon Stencell and Mark Pundzius discuss immersive entertainment, artificial intelligence, industry milestones and how the movie industry is innovating in order to bring forward new ways to remain profitable and grow its audience.

Industry Disruptions

With movie theatre attendance at an all time low and many theatres around the world being temporarily shuttered, many big ticket movie releases have been delayed. As a result, some studios have pivoted to digital debuts on streaming services, while others are gambling on 5G technology to transform the theatrical experience and draw back ticket buyers once movie theatres reopen.

Hollywood Milestones

The movie experience has been transformed many times over, from the introduction of the “talkies” in 1927, to cel-animated feature films in 1937, to the first 3-D film in 1952, followed shortly by the mainstream introduction of a “full colour” experience. Not to be outdone, in the 1970’s the world welcomed IMAX and Dolby Sound, while the 1990’s ushered in the age of CGI.

Coming To A Theatre Near You

In addition to improving the comfort of your seat and providing digital ticketing to save you from the hassle of lining up at the theatre, 5G will open the door to “real time” interactivity between you and the screen. Imagine interacting with movie characters, having your avatar play in the film as an extra, or sharing a clip from the movie with a friend - as you watch it.

More Fun For Gamers

Streaming to gaming devices can be used to incentivize potential customers by inviting gamers to cash in, unlock new characters or discover new levels of play. Multiplayer XR gaming might become the norm and supplement your movie experience while you queue at the concession stand or wait on a friend outside the restrooms.


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