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In this episode, our hosts talk about cashier-less grocery stores and the various autonomous solutions that are slowly gaining acceptance and are likely to become ubiquitous by the end of this decade.

Our On-Demand World Needs Better Delivery Options

An estimated 20% of all of North America’s 250+ billion vehicle trips every year is for running shopping errands. While new markets grow and climate concerns increase, interest in finding faster, cleaner, and more profitable delivery solutions are popping up across the globe.

“Last Mile” logistics

As online shopping consumes a larger part of the traditional “brick & mortar” retail market, new solutions for getting products into your hands faster are producing some interesting delivery services. Don’t be surprised to soon find “Micro Fulfillment Centres” popping up in your neighborhood and delivery bots sharing your local sidewalks. 

Navigation & Location Detection Are GPS Driven

Delivery systems will leverage personal smart devices and offer easy ordering by simply downloading an app. Regardless of your location, you’ll be able to track your purchases in real-time and have them dropped off directly to you.

By Land, Air, (and Sea?)

Although local regulations and Civil Aviation limitations have held back the wide-scale implementation of delivery bots and drones, some jurisdictions have authorized technology companies to test autonomous delivery - in part, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic expediting the public need for contactless delivery services. Alphabet's Project Wing is delivering hot coffee and food, hardware supplies and drugstore items via drone near Australia’s capital. Some residents say it’s the future, while others want the drones to shut up.


Nuro Launched The First Unmanned Delivery Service in 2018.

FedEx SameDay Bot

Robomart is a Self Driving Grocery Store That Makes Deliveries To Your Home

Google Drones Can Already Deliver You Coffee In Australia

Wing Launches America’s First Commercial Drone Delivery Service to Homes in Virginia

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