We’ll Soon All Be Travelling Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

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In this episode, our hosts discuss the evolution of technology that allows people to travel at velocities that are nearly unfathomable. Cars that can travel up to 1200km per hour and planes that can take you from one point on earth to another at velocities that surpass the speed of bullets being discharged from a gun.

Setting Records

In 1997, the fastest land speed vehicle rolled at over 763mph (1,227kph). Incredibly, less than 20 years later, a human fell from 135,000’ feet at over 800mph (1,287.5kph). Most impressive is that astronauts returning from the moon back in 1969 hit a peak travelling speed of 24,790mph (39,897kph)! Just how fast can we go?

Speed And The Military

Bullets travel at about twice the speed of sound, but the US military is rumored to be developing a jet that could almost match current off-planet speed records. These hypersonic jets are projected to travel at 5x the speed of sound.  

Step Aside Bullet Train, Here Comes The Hyperloop

Within a year or two, these autonomous, magnetically-levitating people pods will travel through tunnels at speeds of over 621.3mph/1,000kph. At that speed, people will eventually be able to travel between any Gulf city in less than an hour.

The Quickest Way To Avoid Terrible Traffic is To Simply Go Under It.

Elon Musk envisioned and launched a venture called the “boring company”. He proposes the creation of underground tunnels to transport passengers at much faster speeds than they would be able to travel by car, on surface roadways. Listen as we explore the benefits this will have on mankind, as we move forward as individuals and as a society.

Overcoming Evolution As We Race To The Stars

Although rapid acceleration and deceleration can be lethal to humans, in theory, (as long as the speed is relatively constant and in one direction) humans should be able to travel at near light speeds. As we develop new understandings and capabilities, will we genetically modify our species to adapt to the rigors of life off planet?


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