June 18, 2020

#BLM, Pandemic and the Battle Local Businesses Need To Wage

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Today we’re talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Pandemic, and their impact on local businesses, as well as the fact that we all need to work together to provide better support to small businesses across the country. 

In recent weeks Black lives Matter protests have spun up around the world for good reason, bringing attention to issues that are not isolated to single communities but are widespread, and how discrimination has made it difficult for businesses with owners of color to find the support they need. Along with the impacts of COVID-19 businesses are struggling to find support and are dropping like flies on a daily basis.

Today we talk Airbnb and it’s unintended consequences for people of color, how bigger businesses are giving platforms for the voices of incredible talent to reach new heights, as well as how the Canadian Government and non-for-profits are mobilizing to provide support, among other things.


Airbnb - #AirbnbWhileBlack
Airbnb launches project lighthouse to combat racial discrimination on it's platform.

Webflow celebrates Black History Month
They asked Black designers: “What advice do you have for Black or underrepresented designers?”

The Digital Main Street Program
The government of Canada, Invest Ottawa and Launchlab Ontario are working on a pan-provincial Digital Main Street program that will inject $9.3 million into Ontario based small businesses to help them future-proof their businesses

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