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Tech Giant Coalitions, Nuclear Thermal Propulsion & 16 Atom Engines

The world’s smallest conceivable engine, the US government and DARPA have announced plans for the first even Nuclear Thermal Propulsion systems and a line drawn in the sand as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Apple go head to head for dominance in the world of online and mobile gaming.

Alternative Burial Practices - From Ashes to Diamonds and Eternal Reefs

We talk about a more ethical and environmentally conscious approach to our burial practices, from turning yourselves into diamonds, or even subaquatic habitats to save our precious reefs. Would you prefer to become a tree or be consumed by mushrooms?A Burning Question

#BLM, Pandemic and the Battle Local Businesses Need To Wage

Today we talk Airbnb and it’s unintended consequences for people of color, how bigger businesses are giving platforms for the voices of incredible talent to reach new heights, as well as how the Canadian Government and non-for-profits are mobilizing to provide support, among other things.

Managing Our Waste: The Most Important Societal System

What are the implications of one of society's most important, yet underfunded and undervalued systems? Waste management and recycling centers and how they're trying to innovate on behalf of the rest of the world. To save it.

Breathe To Relax - Tech Anxiety and how tech is being used to fight it

There are innovators out there that are also leveraging technology to fight back against tech induce anxiety with more specially crafted tech designed to help us cope, heal from, and overcome anxiety in its many forms.