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The Biko Institute provides people awareness, resources, and guidance on how to deal with the main influence that contributes to emotional pain and suffering; Emotional Footprints. The Biko Method is a proprietary therapeutic do-it-yourself methodology that allows people to process their Rogue emotions and with time, heal without the need of external intervention.

Biko Institute partnered with Humanatronix to launch their new product and services beginning with strategy, naming, a complete visual identity, and e-commerce website and packaging. The goal was to develop a brand that was approachable and accessible to consumers, but also instilled confidence that the team behind the institute genuinely cared about the wellbeing of others.

Primary Mark


Gordon Stencell, Founder

Stature Leadership Innovations

"The work we've achieved together is beyond anything I could have expected. Everything is just absolutely incredible."
For those of us who feel that as though we are living an emotionally turbulent life.

"The Biko Method Essentials Course is the all-inclusive package for achieving a higher understanding of ourselves."

A raw, authentic brand identity was needed to attract weary travelers in search of ways to clear their minds, refocus, re-discover how their past may still be impacting their ability to enjoy life today and find ways to clear it away. Through the implementation of cool, relaxing, and trust worthy tone colors, we infused the familiarity of community and trust into the brand's livery, while introducing elements of exploration and discovery across the brand's multiple touch points.

Icons and Illustrations

They provide access to therapeutic resources and support to help heal from emotional pain.

The foundation of the Biko Institute programs and courses, The Biko Method, private counseling sessions, the Flame Technique and all of their tools and exercises are built around understanding and releasing of Emotional Footprints.

Visual Story Telling

Average duration of a visit
2.5 min
Annual user growth
Traffic over 3 months
Monthly increase in Biko Students
The results
The Biko Institute website was a relaunch of the original Biko Method Ltd. company site, and since it's re-launch has become tremendously popular with its audience. Stats show a bounce rate under 40% which demonstrates the relevance of the user experience offered by the platform.

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