Marketing & Business Development Strategy Planning

Media Planning

The strategic implications of developing an effective campaign to promote your products & services is key to business success. We’ll work with you to best understand your target market, the platforms they use the most, and the marketing channels we can utilize to ensure we place your message in front of as many of them as we can. Our goal is to help our clients create dynamic media plans that allow for maximized engagement, and your ROI. 

Social Media Planning

Your customers are most likely using a social media platform. Whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any of the other big names, these platforms are incredibly powerful marketing tools to grow your business. At Humanatronix we understand that social media can be a tricky place to navigate, which is why we offer professional help with social media planning in order to make sure your campaigns run smoothly, with optimal success.


When looking to effectively establish your brand, it is important to be concise in your targeting approach in order to get your messaging across. Our team works with clients to create target buyer personas using comprehensive market data, analytics and market testing, which can be used for make sure your future campaigns stick.

Consumer Research

With over a decade of experience in market research, customer analytics aggregation and testing, we know a thing or two about developing the perfect strategy in conveying your message to your customer base. We’ll provide you with advice and strategies based on your target market on how to take advantage of marketing opportunities and identify key focus areas for future business development and marketing strategies.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding what your customer goes through during the different phases of their buying process is one of the most valuable assets in any marketers toolkit. Understanding how your customer makes a buying decision ensures we place your messaging in front of them at the right time. Our goal is to provide both actionable and implementable strategies, but also to educate our clients on how to identify these stages and leverage them with future business development decisions.

Competitive Benchmarking

Often described as being the systematic process of comparing your company against any number of competitors within your industry. Our team will work with you in order to establish the top competitors to benchmark as well as how to effectively measure your competitive benchmark metrics.

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