Podcasting Is The Media Channel Of The Future.

We launched Humanatronix Media with the plan to develop and master the workflow, marketing & growth strategies, as well as the production of high quality, entertaining and informative Podcasts as a Podcast Network.

We've created high-quality Podcasts for large brands across many industries. We've also launched our very own show called Future Lens which you can check out now for free.

Show Development

When it comes to creating interesting and engaging content for listeners, it is crucial to have a sturdy foundation in place for show development. Show development is all about defining your unique style, building content for your audience and delivering a core message.

Whether you are trying to figure out who you are engaging, what types of content to engage them with, what is their reason for listening, or simply what you should even name your podcast, these are all areas to think about in show development. We at Humanatronix believe in these core values and incorporate these components into our own podcast for optimal success.


Everything from cover art to promotional banner art, we'll help you develop all the marketing & creative assets you need to promote your show across every marketing channel there is.

Music Licensing

Music is a dynamic element that one can add to their podcasts, in order to make them catchy and leave a familiar jingle in the minds of listeners. Before choosing the music that you will use for your podcasts, it is essential that you make sure that you are not infringing any copyrights or ignoring possible licensing agreements that artists have put in place. This helps to eliminate disputes and keep your podcasts following smoothly. 

Hosting & Publishing

We'll help you reach your audience on any platform through our partnered hosting companies. Post both free public Podcast episodes for your listeners to enjoy on Spotify, Apple Podcast and many more, or have a private Podcast RSS feed just for your own website, the choice is yours.

Post-Production & Editing

Now once you’ve recorded your masterpiece it’s time to make sure it sounds the same to others as it did in your head. Post-production and audio editing is key to making sure your Podcast sounds great, flows well, and has all the little details necessary to make it an incredible audio experience for your listeners.

Ready To Work?

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